Friday, October 26, 2012


I have always had a knack for creativity, for as long as I can remember, anyways.

I remember the FIRST time I created a collage. I was twelve years old. I thought it was so awesome, because I never really had the ability to draw anything other than stick figures, or paint amazing pictures, or anything like that. So, collaging was PERFECT for me. Look through a magazine, cut things out that look neat, and arrange them on paper. Obviously, the first collages that I made were.. how do I say this? Amateur. Haha. Really though, I felt it was something that I would enjoy from even the first time that I made a collage. Even though my collages weren't amazing works of art, I felt that they had the potential to be someday.

One of the first collages I ever made - 1998

I loved making collages so much that I made them very often, and most of the time, for friends. We had planners our school gave us and I made custom covers (collages) for pretty much every friend that wanted one. I made them for birthday gifts, christmas gifts, or just for fun.

It wasn't until recently, such as the past five years, where I really got good at them. We are talking ten years after I started making them. It truly took A LOT of practice and patience!! We are talking I probably have spent weeks of my life looking through magazines - when you add up all of the hours I have spent working on collages. You see, putting the collage together is EASY! The hard part is FINDING exactly what you have in head as what you want on your collage. I would get discouraged from time to time, thinking I would NEVER find what I was looking for. As soon as I felt that way, I would usually find what I was looking for. It's funny how it works out that way.

One of my most difficult collages - this took me over a year and a half to find everything for it
"You  Are The Moon" - The Hush Sound
Completed in 2009

I really love to collage - collaging allows me to be an artist, in a way that I can create works of art.